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Welcome to Neahtawanta Inn

The Neahtawanta Inn (Nee-ah-ta-wan-ta) has offered lodging for over 100 years on Old Mission Peninsula. Surrounded by woods and water, the Inn is perched on the shores of Bowers Harbor, the large porch offering guests a beautiful view and place to relax, nap and chat with fellow travelers. The beautiful beach and long dock, providing great swimming, sunning and boating is available via the original cement staircase.

After being open to the public as a Bed & Breakfast for the past 36 years, the Neahtawanta Inn is shifting to a collaborative model, with a new name: The Neahtawanta Community Supported Inn. We chose this name to reflect the spirit of cooperation that can be seen in many facets of life, including Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and Community Supported Music which is happening in some locales.

Potential guests will join as members before making a reservation. Levels of membership will convey different benefits, such as earlier access to the calendar and discounts on room rates (see details under Membership Menu Option). Members will have the capacity to bring guests, to rent the entire inn for a gathering, use of the kitchen on some occasions, and to participate in spontaneous as well as planned activities through out the year.

The purpose of this shift is to build a stronger community atmosphere and increase a sense of belonging and investment in the greater vision of the Inn.

The Inn is operated on a philosophy of conservation, respect for the Earth and sustainable living. We strive to be ecologically sensitive, using nontoxic products and products made from recycled content, providing recycling options and serving organic food. The gardens surrounding the Inn are maintained without toxic sprays and are fertilized with compost made by Sally and her worms.

Morning yoga and meditation classes are available for guests, led by Sally; the room is also open for guests to practice on their own.

Why you should become a member of NCSI:

—Stay at the Neahtawanta Inn
—Be part of a community that believes in taking good care of the Earth and promoting peace and justice
—the Inn offers solitude and peace
—opportunities for camaraderie and good conversation
—healthy, yummy vegetarian breakfasts
—access to a beautiful beach and dock; wonderful swimming and boating
—the Inn is operated with a strong conservation ethic, recycling, composting, re-using, a non-toxic environment
— being close to nature: big trees, water, fresh breezes, stargazing, sunrises
—yoga classes/use of yoga studio
—cozy, informal, laid back, fun, relaxed and congenial atmosphere
—access to extensive library specializing in books relating to resilience, environmental sustainability, peace, personal growth, nature guides and a lot of great novels
— the opportunity to help out, to feel a part of a greater purpose
—special events and activities
—opportunities to barter

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