Guidelines & Responsibilities

1. You need to be a member in order to stay at the Inn; membership brings a sense of belonging without all the responsibilities of ownership

2. Members can bring guests while they are staying at the inn who can reserve their own rooms

3. Breakfast will be served; guest cook and/or kitchen helper options will be available

4. Guests will have some kitchen privileges depending on the time of year and circumstances

5. Members will help with basic tasks, such as making their bed when they leave; tidying up their room, sort of like staying at your grandmother’s cottage

6. There will be other opportunities to pitch in: sweeping the porch, watering the garden, weeding, but if you’ve come to put your feet up and relax, that’s fine too!

7. There will be a barter system for those who want to help with larger tasks which will be tracked to build up “inn hours” for future stays

8. We’ll still have the same 14 day cancellation policy

9. Maintenance of the Inn and ongoing cleaning will be the responsibility of the Innkeeper and staff

Membership Responsibilities

The Neahtawanta Community Supported Inn is a co-op styled inn who’s cooperative engagement is the key to success and fun. Everyone can help out with the chores! Remember your mother’s rules: clean up after yourselves, make your bed. Most important, if helping with food preparation, be sure to stir in the love and laugh a lot! Good vibes breed good energy.

1. Make your bed when you leave; sheets will be in the drawer in your room. Your used sheets can be brought down the laundry room. Need help with this chore? Please ask Sally or another staff person; we’re happy to give pointers, assist you, or simply make your bed for you if you run out of time, have a bad back, or whatever!

2. Tidy up your room if possible: bring down your trash/recycling, wipe out the sink in your room, make the room look ship-shape!

3. Basically, just put back what you use, such as a beach chair, drinking glass, book, etc.

4. Remembering to follow the conservation guidelines posted at the Inn is important: being conscious of the heating system, turning off lights, etc.

5. The staff is in charge of laundry, but if folding sheets is your thing, we will not turn down a volunteer!

6. There will be a work exchange system set up for larger tasks. This is for the “Bees” category, OR anyone else who would like to clock in work hours in exchange for future stays at the Inn.

7. You are NOT required to do any maintenance tasks. If you would like to help out with little jobs, there will be some seasonal ones posted, like washing off lawn chairs, cleaning duck droppings from the dock (yes, some people enjoy this sort of thing!), working in the garden. But none of these tasks are mandatory. Your enjoyment and relaxation is your main job!